20 / YEAR
  • An individual registration allows you to become an effective member of PTAIS, having access to information shared in the private area of ​​the website, as well as discounts and other benefits that may become available.
  • PTAIS members can be:
  • Academics: PhD teachers and researchers in Higher Education.
  • Students enrolled in doctoral programs.
  • Professionals from industry, services or public administration with responsibilities in the area of ​​Information Systems
  • Retired and retired people who develop their professional activity in Information Systems.


100/ YEAR
  • The institutional subscription allows 5 employees to be registered as effective members of PTAIS, 1 registration for the Conference of the Portuguese Association of Information Systems and 1 institutional page on our website.
  • Entities that can be members of PTAIS:
  • Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) with interests in research and teaching in the field of information systems.
  • Other Collective Entities (OEC) with activities and interests in the field of information systems.
* Subscriptions have a duration of one year, after which it will be necessary to renew them.


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