The Association for Information Systems Student Chapter - UMinho (AIS.SC UMinho) - Nucleus of Information Systems Students at the University of Minho, is the nucleus of students representative of students in the cycles of studies in information technologies and systems (1st, 2nd and 3rd cycles) promoted by the Department of Information Systems (DSI) of the University of Minho.

     AIS.SC UMinho is part of the TSI @ UMinho universe and aims to promote the exchange of ideas, experiences and knowledge between students, academics and professionals involved in the development, management and use of technologies and information systems.

     AIS.SC UMINHO (Association for Information Systems Student Chapter UMinho), was born as Student Chapter of AIS (Association for Information Systems) on February 24, 2010, the result of a challenge launched to PDTSI students, and later awarded, the November 5, 2011.

     On November 28, 2014, AIS.SC UMINHO is also constituted as a Nucleus of Information Systems Students.

     AIS.SC UMinho performs several activities annually with students from the University of Minho and, in particular, from the TSI@UMinho Universe. The most prominent and relevant event is undoubtedly the TSI.2.MARKET. This annual event, organized by students for students, seeks to bring students closer to the job market, promoting training actions, workshops, challenges, thematic sessions and a privileged networking area with the best companies related to Information Technologies.

    TSI.2.MARKET, the most important event of AIS.SC UMINHO, had its genesis supported by previous events that were developed in different ways and with different names.



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